Saturday, January 14, 2012

Most Winter Days, I'd Like to Just Hibernate

I can really relate to the animals that spend the winter warmly hibernating, hiding from the cold and hiding from the food they would have to use to try to heat themselves up.  This winter is cold!  Don't let that blue sky fool you!

Thursday, dry and sunny

You can tell by the green that it's winter, but you'll have trust me about the temperature.  OK, maybe not everyone suffers from the cold as much as I do, but I do suffer.  My feet are numb.  I can't take walks most days, because the ground is so cold.  And I eat more, because I'm cold and hungry and cold and cold and freezing and keep hoping the food will warm me up.

For a few hours of the day, the sun does heat the house a bit.

We've had some sun showers recently.  Can you see the glistening rain?  I hope so.

Friday rain

I walked out during the drizzle to take that shot.  And do you know what frequently accompanies sun showers?

Rainbow, Friday afternoon before Shabbat

Yes, rainbows.  Rainbows are pretty, but you shouldn't think of them as "love letters" from G-d.  They are more like warnings that we should remember G-d's power to punish us.

The meteorologists had predicted rain from Wednesday until Shabbat. It did start raining on Wed, but then on Thursday after the Bibi-Barak team sent in their troops to Mitzpe Avichai to throw people out of their homes and destroy the property, the sun dried up all the rain clouds to punish us all.  We're one people, for good and for bad.

That Friday rainbow was a warning.

Now, how did I get politics onto this blog? Sometimes the posts write themselves.  All I had planned was a rant/kvetch about the cold.  I'm still cold!

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