Saturday, January 28, 2012

Very Winter, Thawing's Not Easy

For many years we had a cat, so I never could leave anything out to thaw or cool, because it would just become "cat food."  I had to refrigerate bread, cake etc, since it could go moldy in a closet and our cat was very clever.  She could open all sorts of doors.

I'd put the frozen chicken in the fridge in the beginning of the week and pray and hope that it would be thawed out by Thursday for cooking.  It has been quite a few years, over a decade since our last cat died, and I still think twice before putting meat/chicken out to thaw.  Of course I keep the windows locked so no strays can make themselves at home.

Usually leaving the chicken on the counter, on a metal baking tray overnight does the trick, but it's winter.  I don't heat the house 24 hours a day.  Sometimes the chicken is still frozen solid in the morning, so I have to get creative:

An hour or so on the radiator helped, B"H. 

There's nothing like one of these electric, gas-filled? radiators.  I keep it on a timer.  I surround it with clotheslines.  And they don't need deliveries of neft, kerosene.  Nor do they need dry wood.  And they don't soot up the house either.

I wish I could wear them on my feet like snowshoes....


Baleboosteh said...

They are good heaters, we used to use them a lot before moving north where it is hot almost all year...and they obviously are multi purpose!

Batya said...

For sure. My daughter buys them in a safer model, without the points.

Mrs. S. said...

I find that putting the bag of frozen chicken in a pot filled with water in the refrigerator overnight does the trick.

Batya said...

Sounds like an idea if we ever get another cat. Thanks