Thursday, January 05, 2012

I Had Dreamt That...

I decided to go back to sleep after the alarm went off.  Well, it's fast day today, 10th of Tevet, which means that there's no coffee, water, food etc to help me wake up.  The past couple of days I had done a lot of walking.  Yesterday I walked form Shmuel Hanavi to Matan on Rashbag, via town.  And the day before I walked to the Israel Museum, also from Shmuel Hanavi after doing some errands in "Jerusalem Center."

I had planned to take advantage of today's predicted winter sun and do laundry.  I knew I must get up and put in a wash.  I dreamt that I had done it, twice actually, but when I finally forced myself up and 8am the sun was shining and the washing machine empty.

Yes, the first thing I did was... turn on the computer, and then I gathered lots of dirty laundry and started wash #1.  And now...

So now I ought to take a break from this norishkeit and get on with my day!

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