Saturday, September 09, 2006

Family Reunion = Food

Somehow it seems like we were always eating. That was the general "program" whenever I met with my relatives during the visit to New York. This nice little dairy place in Lake Success, LI, NY, was the venue for two reunions. One with my father's brother and wife (my aunt) and then the next week with my father's sister and my cousin. I took this picture.

The restaurant has a great selection of classic Jewish food and more modern salads. Yes, of course it's kosher! Acutally I was really impressed by the amount of kosher restaurants in the area. The food in this one is very good, and I'm sure that plenty of people are attracted to the food and don't care about kashrut.

And since we're talking about food, please hurry up and get your posts to the Kosher Cooking Carnival. Elf is hosting this month! If there are no volunteers for the post-Holiday issue, I'll do it. Either send it to me, (shilohmuse at gmail dot com) or elf (navelofwine at comcast dot net), or use Conservative Cat's form or the Blog Carnival form. You don't have to have a blog to submit recipes or essays by e-mail. You can also get a little widget at the Blog Carnival site that will direct you the Kosher Cooking Carnival wherever it is, whenever it is.

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vicki said...

love the pictures you post...such darling family members...cherish them.

Batya said...

thank you so much