Friday, September 29, 2006

We don't want the food to burn...

Here are a couple of quick recipes:


Don't waste a pot on your left-over noodles if you have a microwave!
  • Take a bowl or casserole dish large enough for the noodles, plus a drop
  • chop up some onion (and garlic optional)
  • put in bowl
  • add either tomato sauce or
  • tomato paste, oil and a bit of water
  • zap it for a minute or less depending on your microwave
  • mix
  • add the noodles and mix again
  • zap again, and
  • SERVE!
  • ps cooked vegetables or finely chopped or frozen peas, etc may be added to make it even better



  • use a good quality covered pan/pot (good pots are worth their weight in gold and will outlast your kitchen!)
  • start with a cut onion, garlic if you have, sliced carrots--any shape, then squash or any vegetables you want or have available, fresh or frozen,
  • optional and yummy are hot dogs, soy or meat, or cooked meat or poultry or fish, or some cooked/canned beans
  • add some oil, cover and cook
  • Keep checking so they don't burn
  • when cooked, add either tomato sauce, (which can be home-made on the spot by adding tomato paste, onion, garlic, oregano and oil)
  • or soy or tamari sauce (Chinese style)
  • then more water (you can add boiling water, so it will be ready more quickly)
  • when it's boiling add the rice noodles, thick or fine
  • cover, of course
  • after 2 minutes of cooking turn off flame
  • and let sit at least 5 more minutes
  • while you're making a salad or setting the table


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