Sunday, September 17, 2006

Wasting Time

Just as I was wasting this Sunday morning, my friend rhg sent me The Daffodil Principle .

There really are so many things I must do today. Remember that in Israel, Sunday isn't "Sunday." It's the FIRST DAY OF THE WEEK, "Yom Rishon," as we say in Hebrew. So, I ought to hang out the wash! And if you haven't yet, please read the story I linked to you in the first sentence.

  • wash hung!

Now for a story, a saga of my new watch, which is mine no longer.

I don't think I had it for long, maybe a year, maximum a year and a half. I bought it chol hamoed, the "intermediate days" of either Succot or Pesach, when I was on my way to have a "family dinner" at a restaurant on Emek Refaim with my sister-in-law's family.

Very few stores were open in town. Jerusalem's a "traditional" city, Jewish tradition, and many shop owners close for the full holiday week. So I went into the first watch store I found open. I bought a watch, with a metal "chain" band, to give my wrist air, since it's a sweat-spot for me. It was nice and seemed like a good deal, but the chain broke in less than a month, and luckily I found the watch. I brought it back to the store. They were nice gave me a different watch in exchange.

That watch was fine, and sometimes I could even see the time without reading glasses, depending on the lighting, of course. It had a different problem. It periodically opened and fell off, but miraculously, I would find it.

That is until last Wednesday. I know that I was wearing it. I checked the time just before starting the hike from Machane Yehuda Market to the Central Bus Station. Then about half way to my destination I checked the time, and no watch. There wasn't enough time for me to backtrack. I didn't find it in any of the pockets on my pouch.

I just hope that the finder enjoys it. The battery was changed recently. I relinquish possession.

Since my cell phone had the wrong time, I adjusted it, but as I was trying to figure it out, I ended up changing the "face," and now I have a real clock with hands to look at. So I don't need my reading glasses to tell time on the phone, but it does mean that I need the phone on when teaching. So I'll have to apologize to my students and remember to set "vibrate."

And now I had better use my remaining time wisely, since there's almost not enough left to make up another quiz for the darlings.

So, have a wonderful day, don't waste time, and do something to change the world, like the daffodil story.

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