Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Empty Nest

My dear jblogger friend, may we f2f someday soon, Lady-Light wrote the most beautiful post about her empty-nest.

We own our home, B"H, thank G-d, and have lived here since the kids were all young.  Three of the rooms had been designated as "children's rooms."  Our kids have long left the nest, but it takes so much longer to re-designate their rooms.  Part of the reason is that they aren't too swift about packing up.

The first room re-designated was the smallest room, all of two meters by three, very well planned with a sliding door for maximum usage.  It was daughter #2's room and we turned it into the "young couple's guest room" when she got married.  And then when grandchild #1 was born, we succeeded in squeezing in a crib making it the perfect "young family guest room."

The next room to metamorphose was "the girls room," a "room for two," chock full of books and a lifetime times two of souvenirs, too valuable to toss, but not valuable enough to take to the next stations in life.  In recent years it became the grandchildren's home away from home when they stayed over.  That is until my father was about to move in with us.  Then we got the green light to remake the room into "grandpa's room."  It was totally redesigned and furnished by son #1 and son-in-law.

The "boys' room" still has their stamp and possessions, though recently, my youngest cleared out a lot of his things since he's renting an apartment with a friend.

Homes evolve, live.  Next episode....

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