Friday, May 28, 2010

Facebook, Getting Used To It

When I first signed up with facebook, I was just being very pragmatic, willing to try almost anything to promote my blogs, especially Shiloh Musings, which is my very humble contribution to the hasbara campaign to promote and defend Israel and Jewish Rights in our HolyLand.

I don't open my facebook page automatically as I turn on my computer.  Priority is checking emails.  But if I get a message from facebook that someone messaged or commented there, I sign in to respond.  Recently that's getting more frequent, and I comment on other people's stuff.  My youtube posts automatically on facebook.

Facebook is like a cross between email and blogging. I like it much better than twitter.  My blog posts automatically go up on twitter, but I don't actively twitter.  On occasion I chat on email or facebook.

Last night my father asked some very intelligent questions about what we do on the computer, since he sees both me and my husband tapping away on the keys so too many hours of the day.

PS I'm very easy to find on facebook.  Just search my name.  I think I put the links to my account on my blogs' sidebars, too.


Minnesota Mamaleh said...

i, for one, am a facebook addict! i was late to join, never caught onto myspace and don;t really *get* twitter. but facebook, i love. i feel so connected ad my heart warms at catching up with people from so very many different places in my life. *sigh* love it, use it too often! :)

Batya said...

I think there's a limited amount of these things we can do and still have any semblence of a life.

Some bloggers who don't reveal their identities on their blogs do reveal them on facebook and sort of mix things up. Sometimes I don't bother accepting a fb friend, because I don't know the it's a blogger I like.

Susan B said...

I only started on Facebook because my sister told me it's the best way to see pictures of my nieces.

I love it because it's a good way to let my friends know when I have a new post on my blog and I feel it helps to keep me more connected, even with the friends I see every week at the synagogue.

Batya said...

We're in touch with a couple of friends we haven't seen for decades, and that is a bonus.
Not all my kids, relatives and friends are big fb people.