Monday, May 31, 2010

What's A Parent?

With today's medical mysteries, parenthood and conception are no longer simple and straightforward.  This New York Times article about how children conceived via some of the new methods is disturbing, at least to me.

Last night I was at a wedding of the adopted son of friends.  They have two adopted children, and I've spoken to the other one about his biological family.  He's in touch.  So it may be that they're only long-term fostered, but the arrangement is life-long.  These aren't kids thrown out at eighteen or whenever the money stops coming in.

The biological parents were at their son's wedding, but the couple who walked him to the chuppah (wedding canopy) was the one who raised him since he was a baby.

This young man knows from where he came.  I don't know how much contact he has with his biological family, but the other adopted child has a lot and understands that he's lucky to have an extra set of parents and more loving siblings.  He's thankful.

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