Thursday, May 6, 2010

Week Speeds By

It's funny how Wednesday morning feels like the middle of the week, but Wednesday night feels like the week is over.  Tomorrow I have to start cooking for Shabbat and invite guests.  It's risky inviting on Thursday, since some people are invited by then.  I like being with people, and it's also good for my father.

Judaism splits the week, sort of, in half.  There's Shabbat and then there are three days after and three days before.  Tuesday is the previous Shabbat and Wednesday is the upcoming Shabbat.  I guess that's why I feel like the week is almost over.  Before going to bed, I take out the meat/poultry to thaw overnight.  Yes, that really makes me feel like Shabbat is on its way.

Good night!


inoursmallgarden said...

My week feels exactly the same way! Including the part about pulling things to defrost out of the freezer. I am in denial that another week is practically over already...

Batya said...

So I'm not alone in this. Welcome to my blog.