Saturday, May 29, 2010

Eurovision, Getting Worse Every Year

We've been seeing, not every year, Eurovision since the middle or late 1970's.  It used to be fun, and a lot of music used to be good, or at least bearable to listen to.  Now it isn't.  The whole thing has also gotten so huge it takes three nights, performances, until there's a winner.  Too many countries are considered "Europe."  Decades ago, Israel was probably the furthest, but considering that the Tel Aviv crowd likes to consider themselves just another Mediterranean town, like southern France or Spain...

I must admit that I don't like modern music.  There's too much screaming and not enough rhythm. 

And I didn't quite catch the tune of the Israeli song. The guy has a nice voice, but our winning songs were easy to pick up and sing along.  This one doesn't have a chance.  Compare Harel Skar with Yizhar Cohen's winning song.

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