Tuesday, May 25, 2010

One of Those "Made to Blog" Siyata D'Shmaya Stories

Even though I've always gone to very nice as people dentists, going for dental treatment is not among my favorite occupations.  In some ways I even dread it more than a mammogram.  So, I must admit that I was rather happy to hear that my husband had some important plans the day of my dental appointment and couldn't stay with my father.  I figured that would give me another few weeks before the dreaded one hour appointment could be rescheduled.

My stress levels were down when I called the secretary a couple of days before to postpone it.  I was taken by surprise, yes, rather shocked, when she offered me an appointment at the same time of the day for the very next day, even sooner than my original appointment.  And, yes, my husband would be available to stay home with my father.

"How do you have an hour free?  Usually, it takes a few weeks for such a long treatment."
"Just two minutes before you called, we got a cancellation call, and I was just going through the lists trying to figure out whom to call and offer the slot."
"How often does something like this happen?"
"Not often, certainly not such a perfect match."
"Well, I guess G-d planned it, so I have no choice other than to accept it."

Of  course it wasn't as awful as I had feared, just more expensive.  And I got all the errands done in Jerusalem, etc.

Thank G-d!

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