Monday, May 31, 2010

Late Night Call

I quasi-panicked when I saw that it was a call from handsome bachelor #1 that I  had missed as I fumbled getting my phone out of the bag.  It was late at night, past my bedtime, but since I had been at a wedding I was still up.

What could he want?  Could something be wrong?

The panic simmered, since I couldn't get through to him.  Call-waiting.  So I continued with my going to bed routine and called a few more times.  Finally he called back.

"What's happening?"
"I got a new washing machine and don't understand one of the buttons."
"Isn't there an instruction book?"
"Well, it's not that new a machine..."

Apparently, it's very old, but a classic from "Crystal," an excellent company, and I once had the deluxe of that model.  Nu, what do you think "drip" means?  After he read me everything on every dial I guess that it means that the water doesn't go out, so it'll "drip" dry. 

I gave him basic instructions as to which cycles for what type of clothes, which he thanked me for.  It's nice to know that I'm considered an expert at something, even something as simple as washing clothes.  And I was very impressed at how well he now reads English.  He has some sort of dyslexia, so even learning to read Hebrew was a challenge, but like many MLD's they can learn to read and do.  It just takes a little longer and different teaching methods.  Unfortunately school is "one size fits all," but we're not all the same size.

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