Sunday, May 30, 2010

Waiting X2 Plus

A few hours ago, someone called to say they were coming to Shiloh and wanted to know if they could visit.  I said "great."  Then they called that they'd be coming soon.  That was a couple of hours ago.  The chilled water from the fridge is now room temperature, as is the boiled water for tea or coffee.

In the interim I (thankfully) watched E.R. and now I just finished my manicure and as I type this with wet fingernails we finally got the phone call that they're coming up.


Minnesota Mamaleh said...

love the relaxed attitude! in the states that just might be enough to call off a friendship! :) "ye heeyeh beseder," right?!

Batya said...

I guess I've mellowed, and I'm glad about it. I certainly didn't want them to promise a certain time and then not come, because they were running off schedule. It was very important to me that they show. My husband was home to be with my father, and he's the primary connection with them; I'm secondary.

I got my clothes, jewelry and bag all set up before they came, so dressing was fast. It all worked out, so doesnt' that show that they came when they were "supposed to?"