Friday, May 14, 2010

Shot In The Ladies Locker Room

Gevalt, this post will probably be a star on "google" but for the wrong reasons!
It was one of those occasions when I was glad to have had my camera with me.  While drying my hair under one of the immobile wall-hairdryers I kept staring at that wig, saying to myself:

"I must shoot it.  I hope the owner doesn't take it down before I can get my camera out of the locker!"

And while taking the picture:
"Don't worry ladies; I'm only photographing this wig on the wall.  You're not in the picture, none of you!"

A large percentage of the women who swim "women's hours" in the Neve Yaakov, Jerusalem pool are religious and married.  Jewish Law requires us to cover our hair.  I wear a variety of hats and scarves, but others wear wigs.


Minnesota Mamaleh said...

priceless moment, indeed. i'm glad that you got the shot! :)

Batya said...

Minne ma, thanks for enjoying it and letting me know.

Hadassa said...

Nice pic!
One of my friends once left a wig on the back of a chair. I noticed it and exclaimed, "Don't move! I'll get it!"

Why are non-wig wearers so amused by wigs?

Batya said...

Hadassa, I didn't think of that connection. Hair is so personal, and the wigs are...

I do like my hats and scarves, but recently it occurred to me that if I had been a wig wearer I'd wear wild ones at this stage in life.