Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Close to forty people crowded into our livingroom/diningroom/kitchen (open "L") to hear our neighbor Rabbi Dov Berkovits this afternoon for our annual Shavuot Shiur (English Torah Class.)   Lots of neighbors came, as did visitors; some were parents of neighbors. 

There was a short program in English last night at a neighbor's home, but I didn't go.  I had been debating between that and the women's classes.  But I didn't go to that either.  I realized that I was too tired and would probably fall asleep.  I was disappointed.  I didn't even drink wine last night, because sometimes the wine knocks me out.

And just in case you're curious.  I served melon and watermelon chunks with toothpicks, my rich, moist banana chocolate chip cake and water.  That's it.

This one was slightly different, since I used juice concentrate instead of some of the sugar and water. And I didn't bother with oil.
  • in a small or medium bowl, mash 4 bananas
  • add half cup juice syrup
  • 2 Tablespoons of vanilla and some cinnamon
  • 1/2 cup water, mix liquidy ingredients
  • in a larger bowl 4 cups of flour and baking powder according to recommended amount
  • 1 cup brown (can be light) sugar and a hand-full of chocolate chips, mix dry ingredients
  • add liquid to dry, and mix; if too dry add some water
  • add 5-6 eggs and mix
  • pour into baking pans and bake medium heat, until pops up when pressed

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