Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Reducing Calories and Saving Money

Isn't that what we're aiming to do?  Throw off our excess weight and spend less?

I did manage to reduce my weight enough to graduate from obese to ordinary overweight.  I can now buy clothes in regular shops, in the middle of the size range, rather than with all those X's.  But with my father living with us, I haven't been able to earn money. 

We have to stop wasting.  Recycling is important and we can't throw out food.  A few weeks ago, I blogged about mashing celeriac with potatoes, to add flavor and reduce calories and carbohydrates.

celery root

Yes, these are celeriac, the celery roots.  No, not from the long pale stalks of celerity used in salads.  The celery stalks which grow out of these are much darker, shorter and stronger flavored.  They're great for soup, but my husband, who cooks the weekly chicken soup, doesn't use the root.

I'm now searching for ideas on how to cook these.  Besides mashing them with potatoes, I've already shredded them in the food processor with carrots and onions for a vegetable soup.  I also sauteed them with the same vegetables and then added cooked rice.

Does anyone have any other ideas? 


miriyummy said...

Shred it finely together with kohrabi and carrot for an excellent slaw. I make mine with a mustard vinaigrette and some caraway seeds tossed in for texture and flavor. I also put it in my chicken soup, it sits there alongside the carrots and onions and is quite tasty. The greens, of course, make excellent shmattes for the soup.

Batya said...

Thanks, I never thought of using them raw. My husband buys them for soup greens.