Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Simple Shavuot Menu

Luckily my husband is happy with dairy on Shavuot, no debating.  Only when the Tunisian branch of the family is here for the holiday must we eat meat.  He buys a cheesecake, since I've never quite gotten the recipe right, and this year he bought frozen blintzes, since I never quite learned how his mother makes them.    What I did make was gefilte fish and vegetable soup, a root soup experiment.  We're very few people for the meals, so it's silly to make tons of food.

For  both meals we'll have the soup and fish.  I'm serving different versions of sweet potatoes at each meal and different fancy baked vegetables.  The other vegetable dish is cooked in a pot with just a bit of oil.  It includes onion, carrot and squash.  Yes, that's it.  Of course salad is served with each meal, and the blintzes are for the noon meal. 

I'm in Israel, so there's only one day to worry about.

Chag Sameach

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