Sunday, May 2, 2010

Celebrity Bloggers and Maybe a Swim

My husband surfs the net more than I do.  I must admit that I find it boring.  He recently sent me a link to Kirk Douglas's blog.  I wonder if he really does the posting.  The more I read the more it seemed like maybe he does.  Bibi Netanyahu had a blog or has it.  His wasn't personal, just political and he claims to  do his own writing.

Sarah Palin uses facebook, but I'm sure it's really her staff.

G-d willing I'll get to the pool tomorrow morning.  I haven't been there for months, at least two months plus, probably three.  My husband will be home with my father.

I ought to get to sleep if I want to get out on time and I had better check that my bag is packed.  yes, I ought to find it or I can't go.


Lady-Light said...

Okay, not that this has anything to do with anything (except you mentioned K.D. in your post!)- I had a major crush on Issur Danielovitch (that's Kirk Douglas to you) when I was a young girl; boy, was I thrilled to find out that he was Jewish (and his Jewish name, Issur=Asher).

I was so head-over-heels that I practically had the entire script of The Vikings memorized (even though on another level of consciousness I knew it was a lousy movie).

Just thought you might like that little personal-trivia tidbit.

Batya said...

Understandable my dear. Too bad all his wives have been shiksas and the resulting kids shkutzim. What a waste of Jewish genes and genius.