Monday, May 24, 2010

E.R. Is It Worth Getting Up at 5am?

Maybe I'm crazy, probably.  Fox series changed its schedule and doesn't repeat E.R. on Thurs and Friday when I'm home, so, since yesterday I took my father to the dentist, I got up, just a bit earlier than usual today, yes at 5am, to see the episode I had missed.  It was the tail end on Season 2.  I remember seeing the early seasons years ago.  Here and there there's something familiar.  Fox series seems to show the first six seasons repeating and repeating.  We got the dish early season 5.  Once it gets there again, I'll have had enough, unless they continue past it.

They seem to have finished Boston Legal.  Mental is too mental for me.  The balance of real, possible and ridiculous doesn't work.

I presume that Castle will be off for a while pretty soon.

Why am I writing about tv shows?

It's better than thinking about today's dentist appointment.

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