Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I Should Have Gorged on This

diet food

Most Israeli weddings have lots of delicious, diet-friendly foods.  You don't have to be on a low carbohydrate diet to enjoy this salmon and "undressed" fresh salad.

At a recent wedding, I did start my eating adventure with this, and there were other low or no-carb foods at the "reception," that first meal.  Most weddings, and other grand festive events, there are at least three meals served.  That is the equivalent plus of three meals, when you consider calories, protein, fat and starch (carbohydrates.)

  1. reception, easy to overeat by sampling everything in unlimited quantities
  2. first course, a protein plus, as large as many of us eat at home as a normal meal
  3. main course, like a large meal at home
I admit that I end up eating all three meals, though I do try to keep all my choices as low carbohydrate as possible.  I try to limit myself to only one of the doughy bourekas, or "cigars," choosing the one stuffed with meat rather than potatoes.  For first course, I also choose the one with the least amount of starch, and if it's not tasty, I don't finish it.  The same for the main course, and I ignore the carbohydrate side dishes.  Of course, I drink water.

One trick is not to arrive hungry and also remember that there are choices and don't be shy about asking the waiters for plain salad. 


miriyummy said...

When I was low-carbing it was very easy to eat at Israeli weddings. I'd station myself by that salmon and eat that and any raw veggies I could find. Skip the first course and then have the meat course without the starches and mayonaissey salads. By the time dessert had arrived I was no longer hungry, and the usual parve desserts at these events are really not worth the cheat.

Batya said...

yes, miri, it's easy to live here low carb, except when I want a cheap meal out on the go. But low carb means no sandwich anyplace.

rickismom said...

Or to ask the waiter for water.
Today what you are saying is true. Ten years ago it was hard to find ANYTHING to eat at a wedding that wasn't a real calorie burst.

Batya said...

And among many of our friends, simple healthy food is a priority. It is easier today, at least in Israel.

Hadassa said...

How to eat light at a wedding? Bring a small child with you whenever possible! You'll be so busy you'll hardly have time to eat. On a more practical note, try to engage friends in conversation far away from the food tables when you're not sitting for the main meal. Avoiding the drippy greasy salads at the first course is important too. I agree with Miri about the pareve desserts too. I love it when a lavish fruit buffet is served.

Batya said...

Desserts, most people are long gone before desset is served. How much can we eat and how late can we stay out?

Mrs. S. said...

"Desserts, most people are long gone before dessert is served."
This is very true! Weddings frequently run extremely late, and so unless the ba'alei hasimchah are our immediate relatives or, perhaps, closest friends, we rarely stick around for dessert...

Batya said...

Where's the mitzvah to overeat?