Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Guest of The Elderly

Considering my age, I guess I'm a senior citizen already, but I'm not elderly!

Periodically, I get a taste of old age when I visit a very young at heart friend in the senior home in the Shalom Hotel, Bayit V'Gan, Jerusalem.  Part of my friend's contract/conditions there is to buy a certain amount of meal tickets each month.  They serve a full meat (or fish if that's your choice) lunch everyday.  It's not free, not included in the standard conditions.  The residents have to buy meal tickets and let the kitchen know in advance, so the right amount of food will be available.  Some people fill containers and take the food to eat in their apartments, but it's really nice to eat in the dining area and socialize.

The food is tasty, though nothing spectacular.

There's a choice of two soups, a salad bar, a choice of proteins and side-dishes (as illustrated) and a dessert table with cake and fruit salad.

"Senior" Lunch

The Shalom Hotel deal is for "independent living."  It won't suit my parents at this time; a decade ago it would have.

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