Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Feeling Dumb

Yesterday, during the Tisha B'Av Fast, my sister-in-law and I were in Manhattan.  We went to a shiur class in Lincoln Square Synagogue and Mincha (afternoon) prayers.  Then we walked around.  I hadn't yet bought any presents for anyone including the grandkids.  But the 9th of Av isn't a shopping day, at least for clothes.  When we saw the large Barnes & Nobles nearby, I figured that books for grandkids in a foreign country should be permitted.

So we found some books to help the grandkids learn English.  And I also got some DVD's, yes, a few movies on sale.

Then we walked and sat on one of those park benches in the middle of the street.  Last stop was the Apple Store.  No, not a fruit store, the computer one.  We composed a fantasy shopping list.  Actually, the Apple products (computers) were very tempting.  Then in the downstairs of the store we saw children's things, a learning program.  We pulled up two round and comfortable stools and played the game.  It was one of the "look for..."  Boy, did I feel dumb. Even with my reading glasses I couldn't find all the objects.  Let's blame it on the fast...


Leora said...

Playing games like those are good to keep your brain churning, as we all move forward in age advancing... I love playing games. I bet if you had more opportunity to play, you would get really good.

Batya said...

No doubt, and if we hadn't been fasting, we probably would have done better, too.