Thursday, July 29, 2010

Delayed Jet Lag

I functioned fine my first two days home, and then last night I couldn't sleep.  Too much dozing when traveling to pay a shiva (condolence) call up north.  Thoughts of the suitcases still cluttering the livingroom with those last few things to unpack kept me from relaxing.

So I jumped out of bed and emptied out the suitcases, finished folding the laundry, read some newspapers my husband had saved for me.  Made myself some vegetables to fill be up and keep temptation away.  And I only went to bed a few hours ago.  So, I really didn't get much sleep.

At least I fell asleep immediately second try.  I hope today is better...  lots of cooking and cleaning for Shabbat.  The grandkids are coming with their parents!!!

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