Tuesday, July 13, 2010

KCC Beneath The Wings

There's a great Kosher Cooking Carnival beneath the wings...  You'll have to scroll down btw to see it, because I'm having trouble cutting, copying and pasting on my sister's computer.  Pleaes visit it and publicize it by telling everyone to visit it and all the links.

The kosher cooking carnival is due every Rosh Chodesh, first day of the Jewish Month.  If you'd like to host one, please let me know.  Please send in your kosher food post.  Remember that the Kosher Cooking carnival is lots more than a simple recipe collection.  We deal with all aspects to kosher food.  Send your links in via the blog carnival service.  Details on the widget on my sidebar.

The medicinal shot of strong coffee I took a few hours ago is wearing off.  I'm getting tired, on schedule, yes.  I've been hoping to stick it out until midnight and then get at least six hours of sleep.

Good night and good...

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