Sunday, July 25, 2010

Food Too Clean or Too Dirty

It's certainly true that food infected with various bacteria etc is dangerous, but the cleaner one is from birth the more susceptible one is to these infections.. 

At home I'm rather fanatical about cleanliness in the kitchen and reheating food to boil and hotter, but now I've been out of the house and out of my kitchen for two weeks.  I know that none of the food I've eaten, besides my freshly made breakfast omelets are as pristine as I'm used to.

It takes a lot of faith to eat.  I know it sounds rather funny or ridiculous to say that.  I wash my hands with soap all the time in the kitchen before and after dealing with food.  There's more to eating than just checking if the food is kosher, but it's better to eat than to starve.

I hope to be able to post some pictures once I'm home. My husband got us a new computer maven.

It'll be strange to be back in my home kitchen, trying to keep the germs away, even though I  don't think I've been damaged by eating other food.


Jennifer in MamaLand said...

To some extent, the panic over food safety is caused by the huge, centralized, industrial scale of food production. By avoiding processed foods and eating as simply, seasonally and locally as possible - which I get the sense you try to do - I suspect you are already eliminating more of the risk than any amount of washing could accomplish.
Hope that's reassuring!

Batya said...

The raw foods are the most dangerous. The heat in the processing is actually cleansing, sterilizing. Considering how many bacteria in our ordinary foods, it's not all that easy/common to be sick. The best is to keep your immune system strong.