Tuesday, July 13, 2010

From AZ #2 The Blogging Insomniac

Tonight I slept a bit more than the night before.  By the time my body adjusts to AZ from Israeli time, I'll have to adjust to NY time.  That's quite a challenge for a broad of my age, old enough for certain discounts.

I finally looked more carefully at the icons, menus etc on the apple screen, so now I can copy/paste.  It's amazing what four hours of sleep can do for you.  Just like the computer instructions my Shiloh neighbor, Yossi Apter, gave me a good twenty-five plus years ago:
"Play with it!  That's how you learn to use a computer.  Don't be scared."
I hope you're enjoying the posts all my guest posters are posting on this blog and Shiloh Musings.  Tell them in comments how much you like what they're writing.  Thanks

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