Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Thanks to My Friends (Blogging Teams)

Before I went off to the states, bringing my elderly father to rejoin my mother in their new home in Arizona, I contacted the team of friends who have blogging rights on my blogs (and invited new ones.)  I expected to be sans computers and internet for most of the visit.  That's how my previous stays in the states were.  I expected a sabbatical from blogging and email.  I really was psyched up for one.

Then in Arizona I was pleasantly surprised to be housed in the master bedroom at my sister's while they slept in the neighbors' spare bedroom.  I shared the room with a computer, an apple which I learned to use pretty quickly.  Next stop on the itinerary was New York where my sister-in-law gave me one of those tiny laptops to use.  So, I really wasn't sans internet/email except when flying.

Generally, when home, I post to both blogs about twice a day and to my Arutz 7 blog a couple of times a week.  While away I reduced that to once a day on my "home blogs" and took a break from The Eye of The Storm."  I communicated a lot via email, and I was happy not to return home to a thousand unanswered letters.

Most of all I enjoyed reading the blog posts I hadn't written, yes, those by my team of friends who make my blogs more interesting than I could ever do on my own.  Please go through Shiloh Musings and this blog's posts from the past few weeks and see the great posts.  I really appreciate the time they took to keep my blogs fresh and exciting.  Thank you!

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