Sunday, July 04, 2010

Eating Kosher, Much More Than Hot Dogs

Some people think that kosher is just about meat, proper slaughter, no ham nor shell fish, but that's just a drop in the kosher shopping cart.

Kosher is also the separation between meat and dairy products.  That means that anyone suffering lactose intolerance and any other problem with milk allergies can use kosher labeling as their guide to what's permitted to safely eat.  Kosher labels which say "Pareve" or "Meat" can be life-savers for those severely allergic to dairy.  And some Passover foods which are labeled as not having any wheat product are just what the doctor ordered for celiac sufferers.

Strict vegetarians can also trust kosher labeling when wanting to avoid meat, poultry, fish, including the hidden amounts sometimes included in "so called vegetarian" oils etc.

Kosher certifiers/observers were also the first to discover that animals other than tuna were in those cans.

Yes, kosher is big business, because you don't have to be Jewish to... eat kosher food.

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