Thursday, July 08, 2010

Until The Coffee Kicked In

I woke up totally foggy-brained this morning.  Could it be because I got such little exercise and too much stress yesterday?

As we're getting  closer to departure, I'm getting more hysterical.  Taking my father to Israel was much easier.  Of course all the Nefesh b'Nefesh and Jewish Agency personnel who had to do their bureaucratic miracles in record time may not agree on that, but I find that packing up his Israeli life and getting him ready for Arizona aren't that easy. 

My daughter came yesterday to help with the actual packing and sorting through clothes to see what we really don't have to send with him.  He hasn't worn short-sleeved shirts for years, between trying to prevent more skin cancer and feeling cold, so any shirt which can't be used as an undershirt will stay here.  If my sons don't want them, we'll give them to a g'mach, one of those charity stores where people can buy clothes for very minimal prices.

About my own packing, I've done it "in my head," meaning I'm constantly mulling over what to take.  I'll probably do the basic packing today.  It's just that too many days in a suitcase isn't all that great for clothes, especially synthetics, but tomorrow will be full of pre-Shabbat and last visits by the kids.  I hope for photo-ops with my father and them.  Printing and framing I'll have to do in Arizona.  I'm the one people generally call for large family portraits.  I'll have to ask a neighbor to come by.

I still have to arrange a ride to the airport and sign up for the American Airlines frequent flyer club. 

I feel the coffee finally and it's good.  Now for my day...


Jennifer in MamaLand said...

It's always a bad sign when you're posting your "morning post" and I'm still working my way to bed. Now I'm going to have nightmares of the logistics of getting our family to to Israel with 3 weeks' notice. :-)
(it normally takes us a month to figure out the relatively short trip to Ottawa!)
Still, I'm sure it'll all come through in time. (good night!)

Batya said...

How exciting! You're coming to Israel!
Sometimes a short time for prep is the best.
Nu, maybe you'll make it to Shiloh...