Thursday, July 08, 2010

Pre-Flight Panic

A few days ago, I called British Airways but it didn't ask if kosher food had been ordered and the wheelchair for my father. 

Tonight I was looking at the ticket and didn't see any indications.  So I tried going online to find out.  Until I found all the codes.  Davka, there wasn't any special or kosher food ordered for me.  So I changed the order.  My father's and son's said "special," so even though I presume it's the kosher, I changed it to kosher.

My names were written crazy two as one.  My daughter who made the arrangements insisted it was OK, and I tried to call the agent she used.  Now she's angry with me.

I can't call the British Airway office tomorrow, because it's closed on Friday and Shabbat, real ducky for flights like mine on Sunday morning.

I can't wait until this is over and I'm home again and my father is happily with my mother etc.

I just realized that I never ate supper...  When I forget to eat, you know something is nuts with me.

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