Friday, July 02, 2010

Packing Up

This coming week we'll be packing up my father's things so he can move to Arizona.  He's desperate to reunite with my mother but not at all happy about Arizona.  He really likes it here in Shiloh where the community has been so welcoming and friendly.

I'm not sending a lot of his clothes, because he gained weight here and his old pants are too tight.  Here he eats three meals and snacks, while before he came he barely ate two meals a day and fewer snacks.  Also, he's very sensitive to the cold, so it doesn't seem sensible to send him with short sleeved shirts he doesn't wear.  Yes, Arizona is hot, but it's air-conditioned, too, making it chilly.

He came with so many pairs of shoes they stopped me at customs.  I don't think the shoes are comfortable, so I won't send them back.  He'll have to get new shoes in AZ.

It's sad that he's going.  The kids are coming over before Shabbat to see him and make him an early 90th birthday.


CN said...

gut shabbes... :)

Batya said...

Shavua tov!