Friday, July 09, 2010

Trying to Calm Down

  1. Nowadays many people do all the flight arrangements online.
  2. When I called British Airways, the woman said that I can do things online.
  3. The British Airways site is very easy to use, and I did fix the food to kosher.
  4. I shouldn't have any reason to panic over that part, even though their office won't be open until we'll already be in the air.
Almost everything is packed, including the eticket, though I have to go through my flight pouch and take out old tickets etc.  I have a special flight pouch for tickets, passports etc which I wear in addition to my usual money and camera pouches.  I end up looking like a kangaroo carrying quintuplets.

My book-supplier neighbor was over yesterday with a selection of books.  I packed two in the flight bag and two in the suitcase.  I'm sure I can get more reading material in NY from people who have books to get rid of.  I'd love that "Castle" book, written as if it's the book the TV character wrote.  But it's still a bestseller.

Of course, noshes must be packed at the last minute, or night before.  A big disadvantage of not going El Al is that you need more noshes.  I have to bring cookies for my father, because BA's won't be kosher.  The nosherie on El Al is kosher.

Only one (as two) cousin confirmed a date to meet. The rest of the NY visit will have to be planned when I'm in AZ.  Thank G-d for cellphones.  I hope my USA one will be OK.

G-d willing, in another hour and a half, I'll be in the pool.  The kids are coming today to see my father again, at least some of them.  I wonder if I should have my husband buy bourekas.  That's what I served last week for late lunch.  For many years, when they were still home or at least home for Shabbat, that was the Friday menu.  Potato bourekas with cottage cheese and big pieces of salad.

A few neighbors came over yesterday to wish my father good luck.

I've made a ridiculous amount of typos this morning.  I'm glad I have the google toolbar with spellcheck.

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