Thursday, July 01, 2010

Is it Really Thursday, Already?

This week has sped by.  I guess it's because I had to take my father to Jerusalem twice.  The assisted living place in AZ demands a TB test which is a two stage procedure.  First they pricked him with something and then two days letter they check to see how the skin reacts.

Of course since he's very elderly, almost 90 (August 9,) his skin is very thin and sensitive.  Also, he's on blood thinners, so he had an ugly dark blue-purple thing where he was pricked.  The nurse felt it for a rash and declared him clean, negative.  I told her that the test was for America, so she brought out an English report form in addition to the standard Hebrew.

That second trip was yesterday and it really knocked my father out.  He enjoyed looking out the car window and seeing Jerusalem.  He was also so happy to return home to Shiloh.  The flight to Arizona will be a lot longer and more exhausting.  That's why my elder son will be coming along with us.

I've already started cleaning for Shabbat, since my married daughter plans on coming with the family, and Friday afternoon the whole crew will be over to see their "grandpa."  Today I have to cook some of the side dishes besides the meat and poultry, since I'll be busy on Friday.  I  also have to launder the linens which haven't been used for months.  They've been on the beds.  I'll try to put most in the final rinse cycle to save time and water.

A neighbor will be over so I can go to the pool this morning, G-d willing.

Next week we pack and get rid of the clothes my father won't be wearing again.  Busy day and week...

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