Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Scanner vs Fax

We were among the first in Shiloh to have a fax in our home.  It has been broken and out of use close to ten years, ok, maybe only eight, but neighbors still call asking to use it.  I'm sorry we never replaced it, because it's nice to be able to do favors.

When I had to buy a new printer I debated between one of those all-in-one fax/scanner/printer models, but in the end I just got a printer/scanner.  We rarely need the use of a fax. 

Today I proved to myself that the scanner is far more useful and economic.  I needed to get various documents to my sister in Arizona, since she's handling absolutely everything to set them up in an assisted living place.  All the things I scanned could have been faxed, sort of.  Some would have needed photocopying first.  Also, we would have had to pay phone call rates to fax the stuff.  The scanned documents were just sent as email attachments.  My sister will print them on her printer.  She also doesn't have a fax, so this was really easy.  Also, she can save the documents in her computer memory besides the hard-copies.


Risa said...

I also love using the scanner instead of a fax (which we never had). Thing is, if someone wants to fax you something and you don't have a fax you can't get it. 'Tho, I have used for sending to a fax when I didn't have an email to send to. Now I just need a free way to receive.

Batya said...

We do have neighbors who have offered to receive faxes for us, though we generally use Winkie's office on the rare cases it's necessary. I think that fax receipt can be set up on the computer, even for free. That's what our late and lamented computer mavin said.