Monday, June 07, 2010

Blogging as A Way of Life

IMHO, a blog can be even more flexible than facebook, twitter, youtube etc.  (All of which I do, too.  Links can be found on my sidebar.)  It has the option to be all of the above plus one's very own newspaper, magazine or public relations brochure.

One of the top Jewish blogs, Benji Lovitt's What War Zone? used hosting this week's Havel Havelim to reflect on changes and the possible cessation of blogging.

In the few years since Benji's aliyah, his blog helped put him on the map of Israeli entertainers stand-up and writers.  He questions if it's worth the time he invests to keep on blogging.

It's a good question.  Even though my life is very different from Benji's sometimes I wonder if I'm not wasting my time.  I never succeeded in promoting my writing into a money-making activity.  Blogging is my vanity press.  It costs me time, not money.  Right now, especially, I'm home taking care of my very elderly father and blogging is a good outlet.  Of course, I did blog before, even when I was working.

I've been blogging for quite a few years; I've lost track of how long.  I never celebrated blogging anniversaries or major post numbers.  Yes, it could be called a way of life.  I generally blog so frequently that I don't need to join those "blog everyday" challenges.  Blogging twice a day on two blogs puts me in a different category.  It's no great challenge to figure out what to write; the hard part is getting up from the chair.

It's that time of the morning.  There are new posts here and on Shiloh Musings.  It's time to start my day, my other life.


Jew Wishes said...

Blogging is a way of life, and for me one where I can exercise my writing goals through book reviews or general blog yaddas.

There are times when I can't blog, or miss a day or two, due to personal constraints and issues in life, and when that happens I truly miss blogging for that period of time.

For instance...yesterday I babysat my two young grandchildren, both under three years of age, for my daughter and her husband, so they wouldn't have to take off of work. There was no opportunity to blog, with those little ones needing this or that. And, frankly, I wouldn't have wanted to take the time away from them.

Batya said...

Enjoy the kids! Priorities are clear for you, great.
When I travel, I rarely get near a computer. The first time I did it after discovering blogs, it was awful. I borrowed an old laptop from a friend, because I was suffering severe withdrawal.

During recent trips I consider it a healthy break and try to catch up on emails etc, but I don't go nuts if I'm not on the internet for a week.