Friday, June 25, 2010

More Ways to Use Celeriac

Last week I subjected my husband, father and yours truly to another of my creative cooking solutions.  The object of my recent experiments is the rather repulsive looking celeriac, celery root, that ugly thing attached to the strong-tasting stalks my husband puts in the chicken soup he makes every week.

As you most certainly agree, they ought to be well-disguised.  Would you guess they can be found here?

I cut up a root, small pieces, along with the onion for this meatloaf.  In addition there's some tomato paste/concentrate, an egg, coarse garlic and some dehydrated parsley flakes sprinkled on top, and some ground meat (part poultry.)  No, no binder was used.  I've been doing my best to reduce or even eliminate carbohydrates from my diet.

My customers approved the experiment.  The flavor is so strong that you don't need salt.  Actually I don't cook foods like this with salt.  It's real easy to make.  You can even mix it in the baking dish to save on dishwashing.

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