Thursday, June 17, 2010

Busybody Internet Censorship

We have one of those "internet in the air" set-ups, and I know that people may be stealing our service. But sometimes our computer gets klutzy and latches itself onto the neighbor's censored internet service.  We're not interested.  As "senior citizens" child-proof internet isn't on the menu.

I'm old enough and anyhow don't look at what I shouldn't look at. 


Jennifer in MamaLand said...

And, of course, those who the censorship is supposed to "help" (ie kids) are just the ones who are smart enough to get around it. :-)

My son had Internet access in his basement bedroom for a few months and I had no idea until I walked in and saw a Google screen. His teacher had given him a wireless modem; our neighbours had a free connection.

Not their fault, of course; it was ours for assuming he was "just playing games" on the computer. :-o

Batya said...

Great "game."
I'm glad my kids are all grown up now. We spent a fortune each time we were "the first on the block" to get computer viruses. Our late and lamented computer maiven learned the removals on ours.