Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Getting Tempted

I've been helping someone out working on a project to create a site on blogger.  OK, honestly I chose blogger because I know it, having been blogging on it forever.  Today it seems that for absolutely free it offers more options than people realize making it very cost effective for a small struggling business.  Why pay a fortune for a webmaster or pay-site when you can get a search-able site for free?  I've also seen a number of professional paid sites which don't give their clients what they really need, and those things are freely available to bloggers like me.

So, nu, what tempts me?  It isn't doing this for money, or maybe it would be a good idea...  It's replacing my old templates for the new ones on blogger.  I tried once before and got stuck, very stuck so I reverted back to my old ones.

It would be a lot of work, but the new gadgets, options etc are mind-boggling.  With the tab setup I could have both blogs on one "site." 

One of the things holding me back is that I'm afraid that Murphy's Law will rule.  There must be a Murphy's Law saying:

The minute you upgrade, there will be an even more advanced option making your new upgrade immediately passe`.

Does anyone have any inside knowledge about bloggers plans?


Risa said...

It's not that difficult. I do it all the time!

Anonymous said...

I prefer Wordpress but I guess it is because I have used it for some time now. I also find it is more user-friendly when people wish to comment.

Jew Wishes said...

I'm a Wordpress user, and the same things occur there, with their upgrades.

It can be intimidating, but persevere, if you can. Yes, there will probably be more upgrades in the future, these blog hosts seem to always be adding new things.

Batya said...

Thanks for the encouragement. The saddest part would be leaving most of my blogrolls behind. Many link to long dead blogs or virus and porn which highjacked deleted and/or inactive links.

I have an idea how it works now. Risa, since you use blogger, I may call you in a panic at times.