Tuesday, June 08, 2010

I Didn't Buy The Dress

What dress? 
The one in that "Ronit" store, where I just got the fancy top.  That store I fell in love with because of the clothes in the windows a few months ago.
Again, what dress?
I was a really good girl when I bought the top; I didn't try on the dress.
What dress was that?
The one the saleslady pointed out that would be perfect.
Well I kept thinking about it and thinking about it. And I had some time today in Jerusalem and like a magnet it pulled me.
It was still there, in my size, just NS149 from NS249.
That's not all that much a discount.
But it is made so well, lined even and great crush-able fabric.  My late and lamented Aunt Sadie would have loved it.
OK, so did it fit?
It fit perfectly and made me look younger and even showed off my newly rediscovered waistline.
So, why didn't you get it?
The "V" in the neck is too low.
Couldn't you cover it somehow?
They give away these stretchy lace things.
It didn't cover me up right, and the fabric doesn't go with lace.
So, you can get something else, like a shell.
But I didn't want that dress to be a "jumper" with a shirt underneath.  It would be too hot and just ruin the effect.
So, you didn't get it.
Right.  Maybe I should call the store and tell them to hold it, and I'll buy a tight shell.  That dress is so gorgeous and can be worn for all sorts of things.
Do you need it?
No, not really, but I can dream... and blog about it.

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