Wednesday, June 09, 2010

"I Remember Seeing The Original."

I was a bit trepidant about my choice for the today's Movie Club, "Good Night and Good Luck."  There's lots of talking and no real action. 

My father doesn't always follow things.  He's missing a few brain cells, no, not Alzheimer's.  There's a big difference in types of dementia.  His is from an aneurysm and hardening of the arteries, not a deterioration of the brain.  The cells which remain are very intelligent.  Sometimes he amazes us with his intelligence and memory.

I make him choose which direction for our walk, and he makes a point of varying it:
"Yesterday we went this way, so we'll go that way today."

Recently, he is enjoying watching the news less and television shows even less than the news.  But he's not the only one in the group, and I'm running out of movies to show.

He followed the movie in its entirety, as did the others in the group.  They all remembered when it happened, even the ones who had lived in New Zealand at the time.

Afterwards my father said:
"I Remember Seeing The Original."

I have no doubt that he did,


rickismom said...

I saw "Good Night and Good Luck" about a year ago, and thought that it was EXCELLENT!

Batya said...

Since we have the dvd, I've seen it numerous times, and each time something different stands out. I find that with all good movies. We can't notice everything in one viewing.