Thursday, June 03, 2010

Thursday, Already?

This week has been speeding by.  I can't believe that it's already Thursday, and I haven't found guests for Shabbat yet.  Maybe I can still catch last week's cancellations.

The chicken is out thawing.  Maybe I'll stuff some peppers again.  That was both easy and impressive when I experimented a few weeks ago.  I'll try to remember to photograph them.

A university student here called the other day saying that she had to spend time with an elderly person as part of her studies and would visit with my father.  She may come over today.  That may be nice.  He needs more company.


Hadassa said...

Can you take my guests for a meal? ;) We're hosting four students, and I was sure that I could find a place for them for one of the meals. I'm still trying...

(Thank you for reminding me to thaw the chicken.)

Batya said...

Too much a hike for them, sorry.
I take the stuff out of the freezer Wed. before going to bed, so I can cook thurs.