Sunday, June 06, 2010

Schedule Change

Can't complain since we don't pay, being that it's beamed in somehow on the "dish."  Fox series changed the ER schedule.  That's the most important show for me.  Now the "repeat" is 8am, much better than 5am it was for a couple of weeks.  It's weird how sometimes I find myself remembering episodes I saw years ago.  I wonder if their contract will ever graduate past the first six seasons.

We have a bunch of Carol Burnett DVDs.  Some are disappointing.  The Movie Club didn't enjoy the one I showed.  The writers sure stretched boundaries with their extremely risque` double entendres.  There's something immature about it; the shows become tedious the more seen.  I don't gt this feeling watching my Jack Benny and Red Skelton DVDs.

In my pre-caring for my very elderly father mode, I barely saw TV, which was fine, and we didn't have one of those dishes, but now I need it being home so much.  I'm going to have to pay someone to stay with him so I can go to the pool when it opens.  It'll be worth the money.  One hour of help, and I can get 45 minutes of active water exercise.  That's how close the pool is to my house.  I'll have to arrive already capped and slathered, just need to kick off my shoes, pull off my robe and jump into the water, then quickly reverse process and run on home.  I'll just need for someone to tell me the time's up.

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