Monday, June 28, 2010

You Can Never Have too Many Toilets, About Yesterday...

When we planned this house, we had four kids with a fifth (final) on the way.  By the time we moved in, the baby was soon to be toilet trained.  Three toilets seemed minimal.  One by the bedrooms, one in ours and one by the front-door for visitors and the kids in a rush home.  When listed like that, three don't seem all that many.

For the past few days I had been noticing a very unpleasant smell in our bathroom.  Admittedly I don't do a thorough cleaning all that often, but the usual spots weren't the cause, because my usual cleaning didn't make a dent in the stink.

Then yesterday after the pool, the water didn't go down when I took my shower.  I shower in "the kids' bathroom," because our shower is a terrible water-waster.  It takes too long for hot water to make it through the plumbing.  And for more years than I like to remember, only my husband and I have lived in this house.  Even this year with my father just gives us a population of three, not too many for one bathtub.

I lifted up the "cap" in the bathroom floor and lots of dirty water went up and flooded the room, though the bathtub did empty.

Then I went into our toilet-shower and peeked into the shower stall and saw that it had become an "overflow" for the sewer.  That's why the room had been stinking!

And then I called the plumber!

Baruch Hashem, the front-door toilet isn't connected to this mess, and the plumber from Nevada got it all fixed and cleaned up the same afternoon. 

Life's never dull, is it?


Shira at Table Poetry said...

Glad you got it fixed. But do you really have a plumber from Nevada? In Shiloh? Wow, that is truly a kibbutz galuyot.

Batya said...

Yes, Shiloh is a magnet for Jews from all over the world. Nevada isn't the furthest. The women's fitness teacher is from Hong Kong, and the woman who drives the school van is from Brazil.