Thursday, June 24, 2010

My Parents, As Of Now...

I guess some of you missed the beginning, or I was never too clear. 

Way back when, last September, my mother fell and was hospitalized.  She is the more "with it" of my two parents, aka the caregiver.  My father was left at home alone, no proper food, care, medications etc.  My NY daughter took off from work when she could, and sometimes my father was taken to spend the day with my mother, but that wasn't a solution.

It was decided that I should go to New York and bring him here to Israel, to Shiloh to be more specific.  So I did.  The plan was for my mother to be brought to Israel as soon as possible.  I envisioned two or three months, but it didn't happen.  Time began dragging, and her situation wasn't good either.

A few weeks ago she finally made it clear that she'd prefer to be moved to Arizona, near my sister.  So, now my sister is getting her ready, and they'll soon be in Arizona.  My sister found a nice assisted living place for my parents.  And G-d willing in a few weeks, I'll be taking my father there.  My father is overjoyed, because he misses my mother desperately.

That's the basic story.


Risa Tzohar said...

Sounds like a good solution to me. I hope it works out. My mom went home yesterday. She enjoyed her visit but was really glad to get back home.

Batya said...

Risa, it has been hard on my fahter, but I don't think he would have survived if I hadn't taken him.

I'm sure your mother enjoyed seeing so many grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Did she get to see the latest?

Lady-Light said...

Oh, now I understand (I did not see your posts on the beginnings). I really feel for you, having had your father there for several months now (how long has it been?), and helped him, taken care of him, been his companion--and how he's going back.
But you did a mitzvah, kibud av ve-em, and this is the best solution for him.

I hope the house doesn't feel too empty for you, when you return home (like it feels for me, here).

My son & his lovely family are moving to Efrat, and we can't even be there to help them...

(you wrote this for moi? aw, shucks...)

Batya said...

LL, I've been doing what has to be done, and soon my sister will have a real job of it, even though my parents will be in an "assisted living" set up.

I don't think that the house will be all that empty, since my married daughter plus family plans on vacationing here in our house when I come back. B"H

Your time will come, G-d willing!

Sarah Likes Green said...

all for the best.

Batya said...