Friday, June 11, 2010

Making Template Upgrading Easier

Just over half an hour ago I first signed into blogger and was greeted with an "offer" to easily upgrade my ancient template.  It's a tempting template offer for sure.  The options tempted me, and I tried one but saw that all of the important links I've added to my sidebar were gone, like my blogroll, Baile Rochel's (aka Erma Bombeck in Samaria) and the list of the more than fifty editions of the Kosher Cooking Carnival.

I'm willing to give up, reduce/just include active blogs and sites in my blogroll listing, but I can't blog without the other two lists.  Maybe I can add them as is via the html codes inside the blog accessible via the "tabs."  That would clean up the sidebar, which is a bit too long and unwieldy. 

But this is all in theory, because my computer froze so badly that I had to close down explorer and almost restarted the computer.  This time when I signed into blogger it didn't offer anything.  A month or two ago I couldn't post pictures easily and when I tried to use their new spellcheck, I also found the computer frozen.  I think that with all the upgrades, sometimes they need more tweaking before everything works well.

Considering the big zero I pay for their service, I can't complain.

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