Sunday, June 27, 2010


That was nice to hear!  A neighbor called that out to me as I was running to a from my house doing errands today.

Two years ago, I was a very different size.  I was in the obese category.  Now, according to the charts I'm still overweight, but there's no comparison in terms of how I look.

Sometimes I still "feel fat" and have to work on myself not to get "down" about it.  Then I get some compliment like the one in the tittle, and I feel so much better.


rickismom said...

Yeah, it is GREAT, isn't it???

Batya said...


Roseanna Leaton said...

I bet you felt great to hear those words; so many people don't even notice, let alone say anything. It's funny how we always feel so self conscious when in reality other people do not notice the half of what we think they do! Well done losing weight - enjoy!

Batya said...

Thanks, I've been this weight for about a year, but people are still noticing the change.