Thursday, July 29, 2010

Enjoying A Safe Old Age

Airports are enormous, and it's really helpful that anyone who needs it can request handicapped assistance when buying tickets.  The airports have people who work as aids, wheeling wheelchairs provided by the airport, and when there are major distances, they have these carts.

Just because one (like my father) needs some assistance, he still exercised when he could.

Many people try avoiding using walkers, because they're embarrassed.  Accidents happen when people are too self-conscious to use walkers.  Luckily the people who live in the senior citizen home my parents now live in seem to enjoy their walkers.  It's like a fashion statement.

I especially love the metalic red and hot pink ones.  Make it fun, and you'll use it when needed.


Greg said...

Walkers are great assistive devices. Not only will it help people to ambulate but it can also provide excellent body support. Last week my aunt who lives in a retirement community in North Carolina asked me to buy her a new walker. And she definitely loves it.
Well, thanks for sharing this incredible post.

Hadassa said...

Those walkers definitely look more fashionable than any others I've seen. I'm all for making what's necessary, fun.

Batya said...

Hadassa, that's for sure!