Thursday, July 01, 2010

No Real Honor

Hat tip: Shy Guy (He comments a lot on Shiloh Musings, which is how he sent me this)

Maybe this sort of thing would have once bothered me, but not any more.  I don't feel involved.  Sloppy writing, I left out the subject.

OK, starting again.

Some people may think that all religious Jews are the same, or all Orthodox Jews are the same, but they're wrong, totally.  American Jewish newspapers seem to love exposes about how various "Modern" Orthodox synagogues keep tripping over their feet trying stay on that fence between chareidi/chassidic and Conservative.  Many of the various litmus paper tests revolve around the role of women.

Im not interested in taking over "men's roles" in shul for dovening etc.    Our shul has a token woman on the committee and I served on it for a few years.  I served on it for a few years.  The men were very upset with me, because I refused to consider my main responsibility to organize and set up the "kiddushim."  At that point we had them monthly, for Shabbat Mevarchim, the Shabbat before the new month.  I wanted my opinions to count on more interesting issues.  But I discovered that all the important stuff was decided "between mincha and maariv," as the expression goes.

My sole accomplishment was to make sure the towels were always freshly laundered.  Yes, "women's work."  The men never noticed how repulsive they were.  Nu, so big deal I made an exception to my rule.  I was afraid that someone would get sick.

The woman's "seat" on the committee is no honor, more a chore.

Shabbat Shalom


Hadassa said...

In K'far Darom we washed the towels and tablecloths on a almost weekly rotation (listed by family, even though everyone knew who would wash them) basis. And they were still gross. I think I donated a towel when it was my turn once, just to reduce the grossness factor.
What is it with men and towels?

Batya said...

Men! The think by the calendar and not by looking at how quickly the towels get yuck. It should have been done twice a week, at least.

Jennifer in MamaLand said...

Donate the icky used towels to a mens' mikveh - I hear they get totally gross as well.
I guess I'm lucky; our shul has had a woman President, and a recent event-planning meeting I attended was fairly egalitarian.
As a kiruv shul, and a shul struggling to pay the mortgage in a "high-rent" area, I suspect they know they'd be dumb to turn down women who have their own businesses, money and power.

Batya said...

Thanks, Jennifer,
Actually, after I left the "position" they went the paper towel route.

I guess some shuls consider themselves above shuls like yours. One never knows what will be. Neighborhoods do change.