Monday, July 12, 2010

From AZ #1 The Blogging Insomniac

B"H, I'm in AZ, and my father is with my mother, here in their new home.  The flights here went pretty well, but a warning to anyone flying Birtish Airways, dress for the Arctic.  It was very cold on both flights.  People complained.  It didn't do much good.

British Airways is nothing like ELAL.  We were in the premium coach and got the front seats with oodles of legroom.  That's some switch from flying sardine can, but I enjoy the family feel, large crowded family feel of ELAL.

My #1 son, the trekker, flew with us.  It's a good thing, since I hadn't slept the night before.  We shared responsibilities and must sort out all of our passports.  My father got all the wheelchair and electric cart services they give to handicapped.  I joined him in the cart in Israel and we all went together in the cart in Heathrow.

More later...

ps I hope you enjoy the guest posters I've lined up.


Risa said...

I'm glad you got there OK and hope your father gets used to the new home quickly.
I must say your 'next week will just be Saturday' made me want to cry.
Looking forward to your speedy return!

Batya said...

Risa, chodesh tov, thanks.
This is just another of life's challenges. Who would have thought that my father would have been blessed by so many months learning Shabbat etc?
Next Rosh Chodesh, G-d willing in Shiloh.